Euroflor UK | Successful Sowing
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Successful Sowing

The sowing of Euroflor seed can be undertaken by hand for small areas or by a pedestrian rotory or hand held spinner spreader.

Two spreaders have been used very successfully applying Euroflor flower seed – The Optim-8 rotary pedestrian spreader and the hand-held, portable SOLO spinner spreader.


Optim-8 (Rotary) Spreader

The Optim-8 spreader is ideal for spreading seed over a large area and is supplied with a specially designed tray that can apply the different sizes of seed in the Euroflor mixtures. Each Optim-8 spreader is provided with a table of calibration settings that allow users to accurately apply seed to a target surface.

To ensure accurate and consistent spreading, sowing of Euroflor seed requires a carrier to be mixed with the seed. This can be either kiln-dried sand (0/2mm) such as that supplied by Mansfield Sand or, if required, a granular fertilizer. It is recommended that an organic based fertilizer is used such as Apex Organic 4-6-4. If desired the Euroflor seed, sand and fertilizer can be mixed and applied together.
NOTE: Only use kiln-dried sand – builder’s sand will not provide an acceptable result.


SOLO (Spinner) Spreader

The SOLO 431S is the perfect partner for spreading Euroflor seed mixtures. Being easily portable, it is ideal for quick, easy and more convenient seed spreading where rough or uneven ground restricts the use of a wheeled spreader. Materials that can be applied through the SOLO include, both flower and grass seed as well as fertilizer.


The hopper and majority of its parts are constructed of non-rusting polyethylene for increased durability and easier cleaning. Operation is by fingertip control of both the volume and direction of the material being applied. A large, six-inch filler opening and screw-on cap prevents spillage and offers protection to the operator from dust.


Operation is by turning a crank handle whilst walking over the target area. The SOLO spreader can sow most Euroflor seed mixes without  the addition of a carrier. The aperture can be easily opened or reduced to ensure correct sowing flow rate/direction and adjustable over  180°. A changeable  deflector shield avoids spreading seed out of the desired swath area, such as onto a footpath, thereby reducing waste and keeping the sowing line to a straight edge.

The hopper has a capacity of approx. 9 kilo’s. Flower and grass seed are thrown 1.5-2 metres in front of the  spreader and 1.3-1.5 metres either side. A normal walking speed of 2.5-3 feet per second is recommended.