Euroflor UK | Dundee City Council – Case Study
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23 Nov Dundee City Council – Case Study

After considering a number of options to reduce the cost of cutting grass, and seeing the results that other Local Authorities has achieved sowing Euroflor urban flower seed, Dundee City Council instigated a programme of sowings across the City..

Initially, the programme began with sowing very small areas throughout the City but these were strategically placed to give as much visual effect as possible.  The areas were watched with great interest to see the outcome and the result were very encouraging, to such an effect that now the City has very large displays of colour throughout, targeting the main arterial routes in and out of the city.  Euroflor mixtures, Flora Britannica, Contrast, Ground Cover and Chameleon have more than achieved the ‘wow’ factor the Council was looking for at these locations and to date they have received numerous emails, phone calls and letters from admirers.

“ People have asked how we went about this process the types of seeds and who the suppliers were.  It has been a great success in Dundee to which we are going into our 3rd year with Euroflor and look to continue this into the future.”

John Pratt
Dundee City Council
Area Manager,
West Neighbourhood Services