Euroflor UK | Hall Om Wong, Broxtowe Borough Council
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Euroflor Meadow Makers – Hall Om Wong, Broxtowe Borough Council

“As a Council we needed to find ways of saving money and reducing our carbon footprint” stated Hugh Turrell, Technical Horticultural Assistant for Broxtowe Borough Council.  “From this starting point, we looked at more effective ways of managing our seasonal bedding to save money and, more importantly, to improve the local environment.


To achieve these objectives, many of our seasonal bedding schemes were changed to Euroflor Urban flower meadow seed mixtures, which resulted in fantastic displays that lasted all summer.

Hall Om Wong open space received a very positive public feedback and we hope to extend this scheme to other areas around the Borough next summer; this will include areas of highway verges as well as parks, open spaces and other areas that have been neglected to bring them back to life.


By incorporating Wildflowers areas around our Borough, it has helped boost pollen and nectar availability for our declining pollinator population and as we are all aware these wildflowers are meant for our environment after all! “