Euroflor UK | Case Study – Euroflor Meadow Makers – Hever Castle
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Euroflor Meadow Makers – Hever Castle

Hever Castle Golf Club’s head greenkeeper Rob Peers is a man on a mission: “to encourage visitors to both the golf course and the castle estate to fully enjoy and be fully immersed and engaged with the complete site”.


And he is confident that by using a variety of Rigby Taylor’s Top Green Euroflor urban meadow flower seed mixes he will achieve this and, by so doing, ‘integrate’ the golf course with the castle estate and enabling and encouraging all visitors to Hever – golfers and their partners/guests and, likewise, castle visitors – to be fully aware of everything that the historic site in Kent has to offer.

“With over 400 acres of golf course and estate, including formal gardens, there’s something here for everyone,” says Rob, “and by using the Euroflor mixes to create colourful and eye-pleasing areas with the wow factor, I can foresee a real crossover of visitors between the different areas of Hever – effectively bridging any ‘gap’ between the golf course and the estate.”


Rob Peers
Head Greenkeeper
Hever Castle Golf Club’s