Euroflor UK | Paignton Zoo, Devon
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Paignton Zoo, Devon

“At Paignton Zoo we were left with a site after some recent demolition work, and a very limited budgets to ‘make good’. “


Euroflor provided an excellent and beautiful solution to a very tricky problem and the support and technical advice that Rigby Taylor provided on the choice of seed mix was invaluable in getting the best results possible.”


“Euroflor Honey mix was selected and this gave outstanding displays of colour and flower from early July through till the beginning of October.

Visitors to the Zoo were truly wowed by it and for the first time in the 10 years I have worked at the zoo I saw visitors more excited about a display of flowers than seeing the animals; it was a pure delight! “


Catherine further stated, “Regular visitors coming to Paignton Zoo for years said they had never seen such a beautiful flower display in the zoo since they have been visiting. I truly feel that the display created by Euroflor could compete with even of most flamboyant animals in the zoos collection.”


Catherine Mortimer
Head Gardener
Paignton Zoo Environmental Park