Euroflor UK | Euroflor Meadow Makers – Moray Council, Lossiemouth, Scotland,
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Euroflor Meadow Makers – Moray Council, Lossiemouth, Scotland,

In 2016, at the height of the holiday season, Euroflor urban flower seeds were sown on the esplanade overlooking the seafront at Lossiemouth and transformed the area with a riot of colour for all to enjoy.


Grant Speed said, “We were keen to see how the wildflower mixes would grow in the Scottish climate as the esplanade has the distinction of being the most northerly in the country. This type of display has advantages over the flower beds that we used to have in that, it is low cost, takes only a few minutes to sow the seed and once the seed germinates the flowers take care of themselves.”

Lossiemouth councillor John Cowe said the displays were a welcome innovation, all the more so since they were low cost and required little maintenance.


“That is obviously a major consideration given the council’s financial position,” he said. “Sowing wildflowers to brighten up their own areas is maybe something that local community groups could think about for next season.”

Grant Speed
Lands & Parks Department
Moray Council