Euroflor UK | Native Pollinator
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Native Pollinator


• Creates stable habitats,
• A rich mix of annuals, biennials and perennials,
• High resistance to drought.


Native Pollinator is a valuable habitat mix for pollinating insects that only includes species native to the UK.


Backed by scientific research we believe it is now the best available germination tested native seed mix in the UK for Pollen and nectar production.


In addition, it is widely accepted that native vegetation is best for creating stable habitats where the life cycles of insects use plants for egg laying and larval stages.


We have now increased the number of species to over 20 but we have purposely chosen to exclude species that are widely considered as undesirable that will readily colonise any patch of bare ground in the UK, (Plantains, Dandelion, Docks, Nettles …) although we do recognise their importance for habitat renovation.


As a general mix, Native Pollinator is widely adaptable for sowing in different habitats and soil types such as riverside edges, partial shade, and roadside edges which will lead to the better adapted species becoming more successful.


Height 20 – 100 cm
20+ species including
Cornflower, Musk Mallow, Vipers Bugloss, Field Scabious, Wild Carrot, Forget me Not, Soapwort



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