Euroflor UK | Colouring the Landscape
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Colouring the Landscape

Creating urban meadows gives back to nature what has been taken away by our destruction of natural habitats. In addition to their aesthetic qualities they provide cover and food for many species of mammals, birds and insects.


Advances have been made in the breeding of flower species that are tolerant to drought, extended flowering and the beneficial impact on pollinators and bio-diversity. The introduction of the Project Pollin-8 will increase the availability of nectar to a range of pollinators


Bringing nature into town

Flower Meadows

The originality of Euroflor resides in their balance of colour, species diversity and longevity of flowering from spring through autumn to the first frosts. Perfect for urban and suburban settings, estates, parks, gardens, golf courses and much more


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Euroflor has been successfully grown right around the UK for more than a decade. Over 65,000 square metres are sown annually across the United Kingdom from the north of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall, from Wales in the west to Sussex in the east.


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