Euroflor UK | Tudor Scent
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Tudor Scent


• A selection of medicinal, dye, kitchen garden herbs & Flowers from Tudor times,
• An assett for the gardens of historical country houses, enriching the visitor experience,
• Learning about the history of the plants we use.


All the plants in this meadow were being used in 16th century Tudor Britain as mentioned in William Turner’s herbal of 1551.


This meadow is a skillfull melange of kitchen herbs, medicinal and dye plants with favorite flowers of Tudor times such as Carnation and Lavender.


Tudor will interest anyone with an interest in utilitarian plants, historical buildings and recreating authentic period landscapes.

Tudor is the best scented meadow mix in the Euroflor range.

Height. 30 – 100 cm
20+ species including Safflower, English marigold, Hyssop, Tarragon, Comfrey, Poppy, Chicory



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