Euroflor UK | Endurance
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• Multi annual and perennial species that just keep coming back,
• Survives in shallow, free draining substrates,
• Highly resistant to changing weather patterns


The result of three years of trials at Research Les Alleuds, France evaluating the survival of over one hundred individual plant species seeded onto shallow 10cm or 20cm very free draining, lightweight compost/pumice/gravel mixes. No irrigation was applied after initial establishment.


The final mix contains self-sowing multi annual species (Forget me Not, English Marigold, Californian Poppy…), biennials and perennials that have staying power (Sweet William, Wild lupine, Oxeye Daisy, Siberian Wallflower…). We have now combined these species to formulate a Perennial Urban Meadow that will Endure.


Endurance has been specifically composed for situations that require a good floral display without the need to prepare and sow each year. It can be sown on a large variety of soil types including poor quality soils or stressed sites, slopes and heat traps and green roofs. Hard or Sheep’s Fescue may be added to the 100% flower mix for increased diversity and interest.


Height 20 – 90 cm
20 Species including, Purple Coneflower, Blanket Flower, Pinks,


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